Don’t Worry.  Be happy.
We’re here to help you get more of what you want out of life; whether it’s better relationships, improved business or personal performance, or more time to pursue the things you love.  Productivity soars and things become easier when people are happy.


It’s no secret. We want a world of authentic and happy people.  We believe that peace and love worldwide is achievable, and it starts within each of us—individually; so we aim to make the world a happy one by assisting people with discovering and truly fulfilling their dreams while improving their relationships to others and themselves.

At Create.Build.Inspire, we are a passionate about happiness and authenticity.  We are dedicated to helping people find and live their most fulfilling lives possible. We focus on helping people become happier and more fulfilled.  We are personal development junkies and believe people are happiest when following their own dreams.  We help people discover and connect with their dreams and then overcome the obstacles between their current life and their desired life.


Happy Employees are Better Employees

Our corporate workshops help people discover and fall in love with their strengths and weaknesses to make them more comfortable in their own skin, able to better communicate when they need assistance, and confidently take initiative where appropriate.  They show more pride in their work and set personal and work goals that are in line with personal missions and values.  When people feel completely comfortable to be themselves, they communicate more clearly and effectively, as well as work more cohesively as team members.

We currently offer the following corporate workshops:

Creative Blueprinting Fulfillment Workshops
Law of Attraction Art Workshops
Happiness Workshops
Clarity Workshops

What We’re Up To Currently

We are preparing to launch a 30 Days to Happiness Free Video Series so people worldwide can learn and enjoy the secrets to living a happy and fulfilled life.  We’ve also created and teach a process called Creative Blueprinting to help people connect with self, recognize vibrational frequencies and patterns, discover their purpose, overcome obstacles, build belief and literally design their lives.

We then use multimedia, meditation, the Law of Attraction, personal development exercises and tools, as well as other methods to personalize everything for each individual, which quickly helps transform their lives and attract to them the outcomes they truly want. Often, there is a very easy and natural shift in people after beginning creative blueprinting and they begin to live into the person they always wanted to become and attract the things they want in their lives. It’s very powerful.  And on top of that, we’re about to launch our first mobile app.


Additional Notes:
We want you to feel good every time you’re here.  And share your joy!
Feel free to share your own uplifting content with the world here on our site.
After all, we’re here together, so let’s make this place great for everyone!  Thanks!


Check out some of our Law of Attraction Artwork.  Get clear on what makes you feel good and what you really want in life.
We can teach you how to make good things happen for you.

We teach Law of Attraction Art workshops, Creative Blueprinting workshops and create custom work for our clients.
The pictures in our portfolio are free for personal use, but if you want something specifically designed for you, with your desires in mind, feel free to hire us.  Hope you enjoy!